This February 19,2009, PSIM took a leap anew by successfully holding their AMUc in Dusit Hotel and attended by participants from all life insurance companies. Rare and common diseases were tackled by selected speakers, who were expert clinicians from their respective fields. This was followed by underwriting correlations spearheaded by its vivacious President Rolly Cua.

The speakers' lecture are available below for downloading in pdf format from this site.

SLE09.pdf SLE09.pdf
Size : 8.594 Kb
Type : pdf
SLE-UW.pdf SLE-UW.pdf
Size : 0.131 Kb
Type : pdf
Thalassemia09.pdf Thalassemia09.pdf
Size : 1.074 Kb
Type : pdf
ThalassemiaUW.ppt.pdf ThalassemiaUW.ppt.pdf
Size : 0.266 Kb
Type : pdf
Tropho09.pdf Tropho09.pdf
Size : 1.736 Kb
Type : pdf
TrophoUW.pdf TrophoUW.pdf
Size : 0.279 Kb
Type : pdf
TrophoX Case Study.pdf TrophoX Case Study.pdf
Size : 0.042 Kb
Type : pdf

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