Dear Emil,

I remember when we crafted this Mission Vision thing,it is part of AAIM's. Will there be a problem if we post them here? Please advise. You may email me at

(Adapted from

the American Academy of Insurance Medicine)



To become world-class medical professionals, experts in the field of Insurance Medicine dedicated to the advancement of Risk Assessment in Health Underwriting  or Life Insurability



To this end we are committed to:

Advance the art and science of practice of

Insurance Medicine in the Philippines:


1.To develop our members into well-rounded professionals

in Insurance Medicine;


2.To introduce the study of mortality and morbidity methodology as it applies to Insurance Medicine and Clinical Medicine;


3.To meet the highest standards of ethical behavior among

the members;


4.To foster favorable public and professional relations that promote the advancement of Insurance Medicine in the government, industry and medical professions; and,

5.To be a well-managed organization.

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