Under the leadership of the vibrant Dr. Emiliano B Canonigo of Sunlife, the PSIM  plasted its maiden Advanced Medical Underwriting Course. Together with its core group who bonded to put things together, PSIM successfully held the said convention!


CME Committee Chairperson and Secretariat



Organizing Committee Chairman




Physical  Arrangement

Chairman -  Art Catli, MD

Member – Nazario A. Macalintal Jr. , MD


Registration / Reception

Chairman: Gina Molina, MD

Members: Eleanor Tanada, MD  

Miss Violy Paculan


Publications & Documentation

Chairman:  Fil Arches,MD

Member: Bert Esguerra, MD


Ways And Means

Chairman: Jo Cano, MD

Members: Marina Roldan, MD

Benedicto Delgado, MD




Emiliano B. Canonigo Jr., MD - President

Patricia S. Ching, MD - Vice-President

Marina R. Roldan,MD - Secretary

Esperanza E. Quismorio, MD - Treasurer

Benedicto G. Delgado, MD - Auditor

Lito S. Maranan, MD - Public Relations Officer


At 7:00am, February 23rd, 2001, the commodious Nathan Hall of GlaxoSmithKline was ready for the big two days ahead. Over the next several minutes, about a hundred pre-registered participants were received by Reception Chair Dr. Gina Molina After PSIM President Dr. Canonigo delivered the welcome remarks zeroing on the commitment of the society on the advancement of science and practice of Insurance Medicine in the country, the succeeding scenarios were vibrant interactions one after the other between medical specialists and participants with Dr. Elwyn Fernando of the Diabetic Institute  on  The Complicated Diabetic, Dr. Roman Remo of southern NCR-based hospitals on Reconciling Film-Report Discordance kicking off the First Session chaired by Drs. Ed Torres of PhiAm Life and Bert Esguerra of SunLife Philippines, followed by a cardiovascular forum on  the Long-term profile of post-CABG subjects by no less than Makati Heart Foundation Intensivist Dr. Gary Lopez,  and the Clinical significance of abnormal ECG by Cardiologist and Manulife Medical Consultant Dr. Emmanuel Masanga.

The program went high gear on the  Second Session chaired by  Drs. Art Catli of then AllAsia Life (he is now with New York Life) and CAPLife's Dr. Linda Umali, as Dr. Vincent Macalintal of Asian Hospital extensively presented the essentials in the Prognostication of Common Neurologic Disorders, and St. Luke's Medical Center Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Felipe Lorenzo illuminated the participants on Prognosticating the Dilating Heart . Lull never had a space to sneak in as these were immediately followed by a Makati Medical Center -based Oncologist Dr. Ma. Belen Tamayo's presentation on The Breast Cancer Profile, Mary Chiles Hospital Nephrologist Dr. Raceme Erasmo, and The Global Perspective of the Health & Economic Impact of Smoking presented by no less than Asst. Professor Dr. Annette David of the Department of Physiology of UP College of Medicine.

Reverberating interactions bounced on all walls of the Nathan Hall  as each open forum puts a break on every pair of presentations.

The second day started with an equally electrifying visions of how diagnostic modalities shall come our way, presented by a very well-known Interventional Radiologist from Makati Medical Center Dr. Ramon Santos-Ocampo's Future Directions in Radiology . Equally fascinating  are the discussions on What We Need To Know (And Not Be Afraid  Of) of The Athletic Heart by another  MMC-based Cardiologist Dr. Raul Lapitan and the Implications of Abnormal Pulmonary Function Test - An Underwriting  Perspective by the Course Over-All Chairman and Technical Director  Dr Nazario A. Macalintal Jr.

Still with not a bit of space for post-heavy luncheon siesta, Interactive Session on Case Studies filled the rest of the afternoon with Drs. Olympia Panotes of CMG, Amante Cruz of PhilAmLife as  Reactors  on the first session, Dr. Benny Delgado of UNIRE lecturing on Hepatitis on the second session,  and Atty. Oscar Cabrera of InsularLife  and Dr. Emil Canonigo of SunLife  as Reactors on the final session.

The activity was capped by a a well-blended concoction of fellowship, (heavy) cocktails, and games - and  interactive at that! All the way , so to speak!

The activity ended with resounding superlative remarks  on its "very impressive" presentation, "Very organized", "very well selected" speakers, and "Very accommodating" organizing committee.

Job Very Well Done!

(Now, let's have coffee!) 

Final  Announcement

 23-24      February, 2001

NATHAN HALL, GlaxoSmithKline

2266 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City   

            09 February, 2001

Dear Colleagues in the Industry:

It is with great pride that we announce PSIM's 2001 Advanced Medical Underwriting Course especially designed for the ever changing needs of our underwriters. Meet the experts in the Insurance Medicine and hear them address hot issues on breast malignancy, coronary artery diseases,  fatal asthma, post-bypass longevity, and others! Receive underwriting updates on urinalysis, and debilitating neurologic disorders. Move ahead and know the latest on complicated diabetes, athlete’s heart and future directions in radiology. Join your colleagues in our Interactive Workshop on disability and death claims! Have your representatives enroll now!!

Who will benefit from this course: Medical Directors, Medical and Lay Underwriters, Claims Analysts, and  Actuaries.

Limited reservations only.

For interested parties from companies A à  L, contact Dr. Eleanor Tanada at 817-3051 loc 3294 or e-mail: egt@mx.insular.com.ph


For interested parties from companies M à Z, contact Dr. Gina Molina at 844-2105 or thru fax 888-0593

PRE- REGISTRATION FEE: P2,500.00 / Participant until January 24th, 2000. After January 24th, P3,000/ participant

Cognizant of the economic condition, we offer one (1) free registrant for every five (5) participants from each member-company. Confirmation of reservation requires settlement of registration fees by February 7th, 2001

PROGRAM  February 23rd 2001 - Friday 

7:00-8:00 On-Site* Registration / Reception

8:00-8:05  Invocation   - Lito Maranan, MD - PRO, PSIM       

8:06-8:10  National Anthem   - Venise Leonardo, MD

8:11- 8:20  Welcome Address - Emiliano Canonigo Jr., MD

                                                          President - PSIM 2000

08:20-08:30  (Orientation on the Program)  - N. Macalintal Jr., MD

Session I – FEBRUARY 23(FRI), 2001 AM

Chairman: Edilberto Torres, MD

 Co-Chairman: Bert  Esguerra, MD 

08:40-09:25am “I am a 50y/o lawyer-professor, diabetic for 10 years with strict sugar control over the past 6 months. My CBC shows Hgb=12, still within N and my creatinine is 1.9, hardly up I understand? Why can’t I have my riders? – Prognosticating the Complicated Diabetic – Richard Elwyn Vitug Fernando, MD

9:30-10:15AM “You mean my applicants' chest x-ray report is normal but the company sees it otherwise? How's that? RECONCILING FILM-REPORT DISCORDANCE - ROMAN reMO, md

10:16-10:29  Open Forum / COFFEE BREAK 

10:30-11:15am “I had my Coronary Bypass 5 years ago. And my golf has been in full swing for a year now? Can my riders be put back and my coverage increased? – The Long-Term Profile of Post-CABG Subjects – Gary A. Lopez,MD , Makati Heart Foundation

11:20 -12:05PM  " My client has non-specific ECG changes. Why is he being required to undergo TMST for this P3M application?" -When  is an abnormal ECG significant? -  EMMANUEL MASANGA ,MD 

12:06-12::15 Open Forum 

12:16 - 1:30PM       LUNCH


Session II -  FEBRUARY 23 (FRI), 2001 PM

Chairman: Art Catli, MD

 Co-Chairman: Linda Umali, MD

01:30PM-02:15PM “ I had limping gait six months ago from Guillain –Barre and  I’ve been back to office with field work for two months now. Can my disability benefit be considered by my insurance company? – PROGNOSTICATING COMMON NEUROLOGIC DISORDERS – VINCENT MACALINTAL, md

02:16 –03:00PM  My client’s severe hypertension has spontaneously resolved. Yes, his CXR shows enlarged heart, but his ECG is normal. Why is he being declined? – PROGNOSTICATING THE DILATING HEART –  FELIPE LORENZO III, MD 


03:16-04:00PM “I had my breast cancer surgery done 10 years ago. I don't feel anything. My latest medical check-up was normal except for that mild pleural effusion report. Why can't I reinstate my recently lapsed policy?”  -  BREAST CANCER - THE PROFILE – MA. BELEN TAMAYO, MD


04:46-05:15PM “The Health & Economic Impact of Smoking - A Global Perspective" -ANNETTE DAVID, MD

05:16PM - 05:30PM       OPEN FORUM


Chairman: Benny Delgado, MD

Co-Chairman: Fil Arches, MD


08:46-09:30AM Agent: “My client’s application was postponed because of marked cardiac enlargement and axis deviation in his ECG? How could that be when he actually is a swimmer? - THE ATHLETIC HEART – WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW (And Not Be Afraid Of) – RAUL LAPITAN, MD

09:31-09:45 OPEN FORUM    /  COFFEE BREAK

9:46-10:30AM -  The client's Peak Flow was reported normal despite ER consultations for apparent asthma attacks !?!? How could he have died suddenly?" -THE FATAL AND NEAR-FATAL  ASTHMA -  NAZARIO A. MACALINTAL JR.,MD 

10:31am – 10:40am – Description of the Interactive Session


10:41am - 11:45am -        CASE STUDY 1  (Interactive)


Antonio A. Santiago, MD (GSIS)

Leticia B. Ong, MD (SSS)

Olympia Panotes, MD - CMG

Amante Cruz, MD – PhilAm LLife  

11:46am - 1:00PM LUNCH 

Session IV - February 24(SAT), 2001 PM

Chairman: Ammie Zafra, MD

 Co-Chairman: Marina Roldan, MD

1:01PM – 1:30 PM -    CASE STUDY 2 (Interactive)


Benedicto G. Delgado, MD – Universal Re

Pedro Feria, MD - CAP Life

1:31pm – 2:15pm      CASE STUDY 3

(Interactive) Reactors:

Atty. Oscar Cabrera  (Legal And Claims)

Emiliano B. Canonigo Jr., MD – Medical Director, Sunlife Of Canada

02:16pm – 02:30pm  - OPEN FORUM 

02:31pm – 03:30pm Fellowship / Cocktails / Games / Awarding of Certificates


03:31pm – 03:40pm      CLOSING REMARKS   - Patricia S.Ching, MD -                                                             CME Chairperson

Our  sincerest thanks  to the  Management of GlaxoSmithKline who made  this project possible!

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To all our members, The Speakers' Presentation of this convention is still for retrieval. If you happen to have a copy of them please let us know so that we can upload them here.

Tamayo-Breast Cancer.ppt Tamayo-Breast Cancer.ppt
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